Launch campaigns that keep giving and growing.

Givngo campaigns attract new donors and re-engage past donors by creating donor value and incentives that excite and inspire.

It is important to have an experienced team that understands and manages AB testing strategies in order to optimize campaigns in real time. They are several key components givngo can help create and implement for winning campaigns.

Create profitable fundraising campaigns for more donations, conversions, referrals, long term support and corporate sponsors.

Givngo campaigns

Funding Formulas: The goal is to create fundraising formulas that produce a profitable return of increased impact capital based on marketing dollars spent.

Donor Data: Not all campaigns are just about getting donations. Supporters and willing to share more data when they know it's for a cause they care about.

Creative Content: You have to consistently optimize and produce social ads, landing pages, videos and articles that stand out and convert in a 3 second mobile scroll world.

We create viral campaigns and contests designed to increase donations, data, sales and audience engagement. We design and manage complete campaign solutions so you can remain focused on managing your operations.

We handle everything from campaign strategy, contest goals, prize creation, promotion, execution, results and reporting. We will calculate the winners, distribute the rewards and work with you to share the winning results and viral stories. Then do it agian.