Landing pages that get results and achieve goals

Landing pages are designed to convert, websites are designed for research and learning.

Landing pages are used for individual fundraising campaigns with the objective of getting people to take a specific action. The layout, messaging, images and design can significantly affect the results so it’s best to start with more than one version for AB testing to create a solid foundation

Givngo builds landing pages that perform. We create campaigns and results for long term success

AB testing

AB test allows you to maximize your marketing budgets and efforts. Data is the key to making good decisions

Campaign creation

A detailed plan with clear objectives backed by experienced professionals Is a good place to start. Givngo will help

Design and setup

Social media ads, videos, landing pages and press articles all flowing at the same time will signifigantly increase your success

Detailed Data

Landing pages are great for collecting detailed data to see what your supporters and prospects are interested in. This Data will help you create more value for your partners and supporters while providing the foundation for long term success. Givngo will help you get started.

Marketing ROI

By clearly seeing what fundraising campaigns and contests your supporters are responding to allows you to make important decisions on where to best invest your marketing dollars. Gathering and managing data effectively allows you to increase your impact and attract larger donors and more strategic partners. The gvngo team will help you create the right data strategy.